PlayPoint Academy

Education has remained a key element of our Social Responsibility’s Endeavours, Every child has the right to learn and to explore their world in an atmosphere that understands them and helps them realize their true potential.

At PlayPoint ACADEMY We provide a balanced, integrated educational and sports programs to teach the basics of Drawing, Art, Music, Photography, Yoga, Dance …. Etc.:

Growth Strategy

We aim to increase the number of PlayPoint centers locally and internationally Through our own direct investment or via franchise agreements.

Events and Festivals

PlayPoint is the ideal place to Celebrate a Special Occasion or to share a good time with a great group of friends.

We offer discounts for large groups and parties. We also reach out to schools to bring students from Kindergarten to Elementary level, to experience the physical education they may not always receive in school.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With a mission to promote a Healthier Generation of children, PlayPoint is always seeking socially responsible partners to promote our mission.

We are open to exploring promotional opportunities that will benefit the community and gain exposure for your brand or business.

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