Open all year round and passionate about play, PlayPoint Soft play, and Themed party center is one of the most unique indoor Soft play centers. We’ve got a bunch of Safe Play Equipment, and Interactive Sports activities:

Soft Play & Play Structure activities.

  1. Trampoline Park.
  2. Climbing Pinnacle & Climbing walls.
  3. Adventure Rope Course.
  4.  Low Ropes Course
  5. Themed Fun Walls.
  6. Zip Lines.
  7.  Party Room
  8.  Indoor & Outdoor Events
  9. Indoor & Outdoor Sports & Recreational contest and activities.
  10. Kids Saloon.
  11.  Pizza & Coffee Shop.
  12.  Merchandise Shop.

What makes PlayPoint so Attractive to children?


1- Trampoline park

Trampoline parks are a new and exciting trend, providing fun for all ages and a great family day out. There are trampoline parks in Brisbane popping up all over the place, giving you plenty of options for venues to go to for some bouncy fun Guests are able to jump, flip, and literally bounce off the walls.


2- Soft play & Play structure

These kinds of play areas give children and toddlers a safe, exciting environment to explore. Some major benefits of soft play activities for kids are that they improve physical ability tremendously and also help children develop better communication skills.


3- Ninja warriors

What better way to spend your day then ninja worries with your kids, Play Point provides a full day of fun and challenging.
come now and let your kids live the whole experimental with expert and talented instructors, if you only have one thing for your little ninjas, visit us and enjoy your time with Play Point


4- A challenge

These activities offer a variety of self-motivating levels that children are able to progress through at their own pace...


5- One Size fits all

Our entertainment and sports activities will be designed to meet the needs of all ability levels. The success factor is very essential for children to continue to be active.


6- Motivation

Walk into a room full of interactive activities and children are immediately immersed in an atmosphere full of lights, Music, and Plenty of action. All children are drawn to this environment.


7- Ropes course

Let your children have fun and boost their persistence and physical fitness by visiting our adventure play area, especially rope courses. A kid rope course can help strengthen the bonds for your kids while also promoting physical fitness and mental toughness.
So, you want an entertaining, funny, and experimental activity for your kids, it’s Play Point’s time.


8- Climbing

At PlayPoint park we have a variety of climbing activities to challenge and captivate children of varying ages and abilities, such as activities, competitive, cooperative climbing activities, challenging climbing activities, and activities that combine climbing and classroom learning. We hope you enjoy with us and don’t hesitate to Explore a wild adventure park with plenty of activities, just in one place which is PLAY POINT PARK.


9- Caving

PlayPoint we provide the funniest activity you ever have seen, one of the amazing activities at PlayPoint for kids and teens.
PlayPoint caves always offer a sense of mystery, discovery, and adventure. We have hiked caves, let your little kids had the opportunity to experience crawling through tight spaces, using headlamps as their only source of light, at Play Point, we hope to expand their experiences and challenge their comfort zones a little more.


10- Zipline

If you are looking for a fun and safe activity to do, PlayPoint offers very fun, exciting and safe zip line activities, while ziplining is one of the amazing activities at PlayPoint for kids and teens at the same time our qualified staff will explain the basic techniques and safety instruction for your zipline’s joinery because every day is a good day to zipline.


11- Team Sports Anyone

Our Concept fosters a Non-Competitive environment without a focus on team sports. Children can create the competition level desired at their discretion. This might mean making changes and sticking with the team sport or finding a new activity to try.


12- A fun factor

Gathering Children in a very safe and comfortable huge playground, Full of entertainment, sports, and educational facilities, supervised by very well-trained specialists, which makes it a great place for Fun.